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Girlfriends getaway to Arizona

Blog / November 2012

Mini-vacation to Scottsdale, Arizona? I’m gonna say Yes

It’s been all business, limited pleasure ‘round here, except maybe this sexy business, so when the Montelucia Resort & Spa asked if I was up for a girlfriends’ spa getaway, I could hardly resist. Actually, I couldn’t resist, so I very unprofessionally back-burned the rest and hopped a flight.

Camel Back Mountain! A beauty yes, but if you’re a bit flaky and didn’t read your itinerary closely, you might think you’ll be riding a camel up this bad boy. More on my missing camel later, but first, housecoats!

And lucky they’re stretchy too, cause check out this bacon sundae that you most certainly do not need. That said, had I known we were climbing a mountain in the morning, I’d have dug in.

Contrary to what this pic might have you believe—and I love this photo for doing that—I wasn’t a smiley natural athlete. I had just arrived to a sitting position before my gal pal did, which felt great, for me, despite my camel-based depression at the time. She agreed, and told me she hated me, with many expletives for effect.

But by the time we reached the top, we were smiling, as people at the top usually do. Down was a harder time again, but that’s another story.

Will tell you over a martini some time.

And in the morning, a relaxing poolside hangout. It was possibly the only thing to do, since we were both too sore for life.

Somehow I still managed a fancy, mimosa-filled breakfast though. I’m professional like that. Thanks for having me, Montelucia!