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Keywords: My new favourite thing, except Spring

Blog / February 2012

Or, “this all sounds very gay.”

Because I’m not so savvy with the Interweb, because it’s too hard and boring, I have a wonderful fellow who handles all the tough stuff while at the same time not belittling me for my e-stupidity or e-closemindedness. Not easy to do when I say things like Interweb.

That said, I just discovered how people discover me—that is, the keywords that land strangers (not spammed friends or judgmental family members) to my small corner of the web. Turns out this makes for good procrastination material, as well as interesting commentary on my work and psyche. With no judgement of the e-creeps, here are my current favourites (links where appropriate, confusion otherwise):

my mother hypnotized me
summer sweaty games
dealbreaker and didn’t leave relationship and resentment
daughter stealing mother’s beauty
cineplex pretzels
bitch flatmate making my life hell
forced into dresses
conrad black as supervillian
dirty thing playboys do to hugh hefner
getting pregnant according to full moon phase
dressed then stripped
how to deal with a roommate that is ruining your life
i’m very irritated nowadays
i’m so irritated right now
irritated all the time
being hypnotized to be back in love in broken marriage
lonard cohen relationships someone to have dinner with
men hate me
needy pathetic girlfriends
still friends but jealous of his new woman
too hooked on self help
what can i text my boyfriend to turn him on
women choosing to be objectified
tarzans big dick
slutty bartenders
silk bathrobe porno
midnight ice cream run—meaning?
What he means when he says “i enjoy your company”
girlfriend creeping on my facebook
handmade soap using recipes from my pioneer
rosemary bathroom porn
engagement fixation
episode of keeping up with the kardashian is it that kim spends 19000 dollars
what can’t you do when you’re pregnant
how to dress up a counter
this all sounds very gay

Very gay, indeed! In other news, I have no news for February. Just typing like a drone until Spring comes.