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Zoomer / February 2023

Why two reluctant online daters clicked on each other

Bernadette Rose, 72, a former nurse, and Peter Taylor, 76, a retiree from St. Thomas, Ont., reluctantly took to the internet to find new love.

Bernadette Rose: I lived and worked in Toronto until my marriage ended in 2012 after 27 years and two kids. I moved to Cambridge, Ont., to look after my sister, who died, and then I moved to London to be with another sister. Ever since my marriage ended, I felt like sort of a burden to everyone. Like, “Who will take Auntie Bee now?”

Peter Taylor: I was married for 51 years when my wife was hit and killed by a car, actually right around when Bernadette’s sister died. I have two kids, including one who lives nearby in St. Thomas, but it was a rough time and I was lost on my own. So, I decided to try the dating-site thing.

BR: My sister and cousin made me sign up for a dating site. I wasn’t happy with them, or it. Nobody was interesting or interested. I’ve been young, too, and I know what old people look like, even to me. Sometimes I’m shocked when I look in the mirror. What the hell? Who is that?

PT: Bernadette’s picture wasn’t very good. It was too small and kind of blurry.

BR: It was the only picture I had of myself on my phone.

PT: Well, her profile wasn’t very good either, in that it didn’t say much, so I didn’t know anything about her. I was hesitant, but my daughter reminded me that you can’t judge a book by its cover. She said, “You never know. Just send a quick note.”

BR: One night, at 2 a.m., I was watch- ing TV and checked my phone. There was an email that said, “Hello, my name is Peter. Would you tell me more about yourself?” That was it. Usually, the guys told you all about themselves. He was just different. We started communicating [in April 2021] and we never stopped.

PT: We met in person the following March. I drove to pick her up and took her out for a glass of wine.