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The Esperanza, Mexico

Blog / May 2014

Missed you, Beyonce

In desperate need of a vacation vacation, I packed up for a fast Mexican weekend getaway to The Esperanza for Elevate (article to come, just as soon as I write it). They even let me bring a friend, a very very good friend, to romance this assignment up. I’ll do it!


A margarita plus salty snack upon arrival. Much needed, much appreciated.


Margarita’s turned out to be a theme of this visit (who, me?) after discovering this Rosemary Margarita. It would be unprofessional not to, I said.


Our very own private infinity pool!


Was particularly impressed with the Esperanza’s spa, and trust me I loiter in a lot of spas. I got the “Spagarita” foot scrub, as it just felt right.


Press the gecko! Will do.


Always get the seafood. Double points for this paella.


Thanks for having us, Esperanza! Hope to see you (and Beyonce) soon in this life.