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A Jezebel Mindfuck

Blog / January 2015

Jezebel plugged me, and I loved it

I think my 2015 witch spell is working, since I lucked out on my monthly spite project in this weekend’s The New York Times Modern Love column. I’m psyched and this fellow hasn’t tried to murder me yet and I’m loving the attention, so feels like magical winning all around.

Big love to my new gal pals at Jezebel too for picking up the story! “This Craigslist Missed Connection Nightmare is a Total Mind Fuck” was a mindfuck for me, only the good kind. I tried not to read the comments, but that’s a lie and I did, so my favourite thus far is “like rom-com by M. Night Shyamalan.” (My least favourite was “Dumbest girl in North America. Hands down.”)

Among many names, I was also titled a “writer and Working Girl feminism expert”, which is soon to be printed on business cards.

“So basically,” writes my new BFF Rebecca Rose, “New York Times writer meets date from HELL, realizes that fate is probably total bullshit and that maybe we shouldn’t laugh at the “losers” who post online because we might have a little bit of loser in us. I can dig it.”