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I Like It Hot too

Blog / February 2013

Happiest of birthdays to the Del

Didn’t quite make it to the Oscars this year–though I’m already visualizing for next–but I did get pretty damn close at the Del Coronado in San Diego. If this looks familiar, it’s probs because that’s where Hollywood royalty filmed Some Like It Hot, the rockin’ old rom-com starring Marilyn Monroe.

Here’s my lovely albeit possibly haunted suite, complete with sea-view balcony and sitting room. Wait wait–haunted, you ask? It’s a long spooky story about unrequited love and suicide. And timers on my bathroom light, allegedly.

You know what’s not scary though? Seafood breakfast buffets in this gorgeous Crown Room, where eleven presidents from Harrison to Obama with a double shot of Bush in between, enjoyed the decor. But did they eat as much lobster ravioli as I did? Not likely.

Oh, just sunset over the palm-lined courtyard. Back in the day, since Coronado was pegged a European alternative for trek-adverse Californians, this place would be swinging with wildlife. Even monkeys!

And so you know I didn’t just lurk beautiful photos–if I do say so myself, thank you very much–off the web, here’s proof I was really on this trip. Thanks a million for having me, Del Coronado!