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Blog / April 2013

A too-delicious weekend in Quebec City

Oh la la! Had the loveliest of fattening weekends ever in Quebec City, where I ate basically everything the French make and the snacks in the room too. More details to come, but here’s some food porn to satisfy in the meantime. You know you like it.


Night #1: Le Graffiti. Veal medallions with grilled scallops. When in doubt, always get the surf & turf.


Les délices du pâtissier, though the pleasure’s all mine.


Pretty sure this treat explains itself.


Dinner #next: A gastronomic feast at La Taniere. The menu suggests you “keep an open mind”, which of course I already do. Like this floating Ginger Sperification, for example.


Quail eggs and briosh (I’m getting really full now).


If this isn’t a mushroom fairy forest, I don’t know what is.


Mmm, deer rose. Not pictured: bacon bread.


Maple everything: ice cream, marshmallows, butter, candies. Stop eating now, Rosemary!


But it has my name on it! Yes to a healthier lunch at Station Blü, the happiest place on Earth.


Beet tartare, with strawberry and granny smith apples.


And cheese, always more cheese! Big thanks to my new friends at Quebec City Tourism. Can’t do a thing without you! Especially anything as delicious as this.