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Smug photography skills confirmed

Blog / January 2012

I’m ordering updated business cards already

Since my lovely high school photography teacher once noted I had some humble talent (will save you the blurry black & whites of my best bud chainsmoking a pack of Belmonts, but I assure you they were awesome), and even though I almost never take photographs, I really consider myself a natural photographer. It’s the good eye and I don’t need practice.

Lucky for me, these delusions were officially confirmed when my bullfighting pics from Spain were deemed publishable (with this article) in THIS magazine. Watch out, stock photos of bulls. The editor said he loved the “closing time vibe” of this guy:

But since there’s more where that came from, and who am I to keep bloody pics from the masses, here’s the rest of the set for your viewing pleasure. I’m available for weddings and bar mitzvahs too.

Those animal rights activists sure know to kill your afternoon buzz, amirite?

You know what they say about guys on fancy horses?

It didn’t start out too bad, and I did like their sparkly outfits.

And here’s where I stopped making jokes and started to cry. I wasn’t the only one. Worst date ever?

A little investigative reporting and we found the on-site butcher. No kidding, this happened. Warnings, etc.

And just like that, it was over. Never again, friends.