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This just in: Hot men hate me

Blog / June 2011

Finally, friends and accidental clickers, something sufficiently newsworthy to warrant my first news post!

Was hanging out unsuspectingly when a note landed in my inbox from a Vancouver theatre group. They stroked my fragile writer-ego just enough that I agreed to “free press”—because both the word free and the press make me randy—which turned into a room of hot guys mocking The Decadent Housewife, for charity so I couldn’t back out.

They’ve also done Twilight though, so at least I’m in good commercial company? I’m trying to think positively here. Anyway, welcome to my first forced news entry, and please enjoy these pics.

Now that's a gang bang!

Enunciate, four-eyes

This guy can mock me all night long

Don't overthink it.

They love it, you can tell.