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Modern Love, a reprise, again

Blog / December 2022

(This time in het Nederlands)

The story that gives and gives has giveth once more! This Modern Love column about my Craigslist Missed Connection turned (spoiler alert) creepy catfish cheater, described lovingly as a “total mind fuck” by the lovely ladies of Jezebel, gone podcast speed-dater at Cheryl Strayed’s Dear Sugar and premiere episode of Modern Love, the podcast, landed next on tv screens. In the Netherlands, at least, where Dutch Rosemary (aka “Roos”, & I’m feelin’ it) got her very own episode on the Dutch Modern Love tv show. “It can be difficult emotionally to see yourself dramatized,” they warned me, to which I cackled wildly and cried into my royalty cheque. Hoop dat je het leuk vindt!